Sachs Consulting

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Dear client,


Sachs Consulting has a unique service it offers to Facilities Management Companies that to my knowledge is unavailable any where else.


It is an offer for "OJT" (on the job training) literally!


Instead of maintenance personnel calling upon an outside service contractor to resolve difficult HVAC problems in their facilities, Sachs Consulting will come out whenever an issue arises and show the maintenance personnel how to resolve it them selves. The obvious benefit is that the maintenance personnel gains valuable knowledge on how to diagnose and resolve issues on their own and the problem gets fixed.


Typically, the service contractor diagnoses and corrects the problem and the maintenance personnel don't learn anything from it! Even if the maintenance personnel is proactive and follows the technician around throughout the diagnosis and repair, the technician does not reveal why he has proceeded from one step in the process of elimination to another, this information is kept up in his head. This information comes from years of experience and the tech has neither the time nor the incentive to explain his actions. Most service companies do not want to teach your engineering personnel anything, they are afraid you won’t need them anymore.


Sachs Consulting will not only save the Management Company on the original service call by charging fees less than that of the typical contractor, but the Management Company never has to pay for that type repair again. The skills learned on one such diagnosis can usually be applied to many such similar problems so the savings are exponential.


Sachs Consulting expertise includes over 25 years in the HVAC industry servicing all types and sizes of projects ranging from six to fifty five story office buildings, including sports arenas and health care facilities.


So the next time you need outside help, think Sachs Consulting and that should be one problem that you will never have to call on again!


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